Thank you for your interest in what we can do to help you. Our main goal at Daltec is, simply put, to provide start-to-finish solutions to your technical problems, and to do so quickly, accurately and affordably. We do this by offering the following:
  • Small-office networking
  • If your office is a hodgepodge of disparate desktops that are hard to maintain and keep track of, Daltec can help you organize. We can set up centrally managed file storage, network access and control, anti-virus and security, automated backup of your vital data, and even maintenance and troubleshooting of individual workstations -- all from one centrally managed server.

    If you want the gory details, here they are: Daltec provides a comprehensive range of network and systems administration and configuration, including Active Directory and Group Policy configuration and maintenance; TCP/IP networking; DHCP; DNS configuration and troubleshooting; network security including hardware and software firewalls, intrusion detection and prevention; web access control and content monitoring; automatic updates with WSUS; remote access and VPN; and various other network scanning and troubleshooting tools.

    Hey, we told you those details were gory...

    If you think you need help with your small-office network, or if you'd like to know more about how your network can be improved or secured, let us know! We'd be happy to help.

  • Hardware and software installation and configuration
  • If you need to upgrade your equipment or software, Daltec can help. We've managed "ground-up" deployments from helping figure out what your office needs and making initial recommendations to selecting, purchasing, installing and configuring your new equipment and software. We've set up servers, RAID arrays, remote access, VPNs, power management, network reconfigurations, and web host / ISP switchovers.

    We can set up and configure new workstations and related peripherals, and are able to provide end-user support for most equipment and software, including Microsoft Office, email, desktop applications, Blackberries and more.

  • Maintenance, troubleshooting and repair
  • If you are not ready to invest in new equipment, Daltec can help. From tracking down and eliminating viruses, spyware and configuration errors to replacing failed disk drives and burnt-out screens (and zapping dust bunnies), we can help keep your office running smooth.

  • Website design and development
  • Daltec can help maintain your existing website, build one from the ground up, or use low-cost (and often free), easy to use technologies to enable you to edit your website yourself. We try to follow a "keep it simple" approach when we can, but know how to handle complex projects when we can't. Our web projects range from small, five-page sites (like this one) to large, database-driven sites with hundreds of pages and dozens of stakeholders. We can test and debug your site; track, evaluate and improve its performance; and conduct usability surveys and tests. Let us help you create or enhance your organization's web presence.

  • Print graphic design
  • Our experienced, award-winning designer has created a full range of material including web sites, web graphics, booklets, folders, brochures, posters, tradeshow graphics, multimedia presentations, pens, coffee mugs, mouse pads, magazine and newspaper ads, direct mail, and just about everything else with ink on it. Okay, maybe no bus or airplane graphics, but just about everything else!

    We also understand printing and production, and will make sure your design projects get done on time, on budget and to the quality you expect.

  • IT process development and documentation creation
  • If you are like most small offices, you might not have given much thought to documentation or contingency plans -- your people know how to do their jobs, after all. And everybody would know just what to do to get your office back on its feet and restore your backed-up vital data in case of fire or some other disaster. Right?

    You are backing up your data, aren't you?

    The truth is, most small offices never need to worry about process documentation or disaster recovery. Hopefully, yours never will either. But if you are that rare organization that likes to be prepared, then Daltec can help. We have developed, written and implemented IT-specific emergency procedures like who to contact and what to do if there is a physical or network break-in; policies that determine what data to back up, where to back it up to, and how to restore it; clear acceptable use policies for internet and office equipment; and yes, comprehensive disaster recovery plans to get your office running smooth again in case the worst happens.

    We can also help with the more mundane, such as documenting how things are done in your office, how to use your equipment and software, and even how to set up and use automated issue tracking and "help desk" software.

  • Experienced, unbiased advice and guidance
  • Sometimes, we just don't know what we don't know and feel overwhelmed by the often contradictory, competing voices clamoring for our attention. As a small, local, independent IT consultancy, Daltec has no ties or allegiances to any company or methodology. We are free to provide your office with our best advice and answers to your questions, and won't hesitate to do our best to steer you in the proper direction -- even if it means steering you away from doing business with Daltec.

    Feel free to contact us if you have any questions, need some advice, or just want to know more about how we might be able to help you.

Please feel free to contact us to learn more about how we might be able to help you, or to arrange a candid and unbiased assessment of your technology needs. We look forward to working with you!